How to Edge Your Lawn with a String Trimmer

Yard work can be tough, sweaty, and one heck of a workout, but why should it be frustrating? When you finish mowing your lawn, trimming the hedges, and blowing the grass, you should be able to look back on your work and smile.

With this guide on how to properly edge your lawn with a string trimmer, also called a “weed whacker,” we hope to help you accomplish just that!

A Neat and Even Appearance

String trimmers, not to be confused with edge trimmers, are great for evening out hard-to-reach locations that your mower isn’t able to fit into, such as around posts, mailboxes, or near walls.

By using a string trimmer on these tough edges, you make your lawn look that much more presentable and must just a little more enviable.

String Trimming in Practice

First and foremost, glasses! There’s a reason that professional landscaping men and women always wear protective lenses: there’s always a chance that a stray pebble, a whacked weed, or a loose string can sever from the edger and render you blind in one or both eyes. Wear glasses!

The first actual step involves powering on the weed whacker, which can be quite a hassle. This typically requires both hands, one to stabilize the device and the other to pull at the starter. Some models require you to press a button to increase fuel uptake while starting as well.

Next, simply press the rotating strings into the line of the weeds or grass that you’re targeting, making sure to maintain the same height throughout for an even look.


There you have it: a nicely cut lawn edged with a string trimmer. While it sure can be difficult to first get the hang of string trimmers, practice makes perfect. By your third or fourth try, you’ll be trimming with ease!