How to Embrace Vinegar for Everything

Vinegar – plain, white (or clear) vinegar – has an incredible amount of uses. This wonder liquid can be used for a wide range of things, from keeping cut flowers fresh to removing stains from shirts. Vinegar is an ingredient that almost all households have, and knowing all of its uses can be convenient in many situations.

Cleaning with Vinegar

Perhaps the most common household use of vinegar is cleaning. Want to clean the build-up in your coffee maker? Pour vinegar in it and run a brewing cycle. Want to clean the film off of your bathtub? Spray it down with white vinegar, add baking soda, and then simply rinse it off with water. Want to unclog a showerhead? Soak it overnight in vinegar. There are literally hundreds of ways to use vinegar to clean your home.

Removing Stains with Vinegar

Vinegar can remove multiple kinds of stains. Remove deodorant and sweat stains on shirts by simply rubbing vinegar into the stain then washing it. You can even remove carpet stains with vinegar – wine, dirt, coffee and even set in stains. If you live in a cold area that often uses salt to melt snow and ice on the ground, you can use vinegar to easily remove the salt stains from your shoes.

See ten uses of white vinegar here: 

Self-Care with Vinegar

Vinegar combined with Listerine makes an amazing foot soak that results in soft and smooth feet. Use vinegar to make detoxifying facial masks and antibacterial spray for your yoga mat. If you have oily skin, you can even use vinegar to make homemade facial cleansing pads.

Other Vinegar Uses

There are way too many uses for vinegar to list here, but other uses are:

  • Killing weeds
  • Keeping cut flowers fresh
  • Cleaning no-wax floors
  • Boiling cracked eggs
  • Removing bumper stickers
  • Freshening kitchen drains
  • Cleaning sleep-apnea machines

The Best Ingredient

Vinegar is absolutely amazing. There are a mind-blowing amount of uses for the liquid. These uses only touched the surface. A simple internet search of vinegar uses will make you run out and buy it by the gallon!