How to Get a Stuck Ring Off of Your Finger

There are not many things that equal the scary feeling of trying on a ring and not being able to take it off. Getting a ring stuck on your finger is painful and can be dangerous. No matter how the ring became stuck on your finger, it has to come off – and soon! Don’t worry, though. There are some ways to get a stuck ring off of your finger.

Unsticking the Ring

The first thing you can try is lubricating the ring. Use something like soap, oil, or even Windex. Take the chosen lubricant and rub it all around the ring and your finger, and try to pull the ring off. This easy trick works for most stuck rings, as long as there isn’t a crazy amount of swelling. Some rings that aren’t terribly stuck can even be twisted off of the finger. 

Another trick is to apply ice to the finger and hold it over your head for 5 to 10 minutes to try to reduce the swelling, so the ring can just slide right off. Additionally, you can use floss or sewing thread to force the swelling down. Wrap the floss or thread tightly around the swollen part of the finger until it covers enough space that the ring can reach the smaller part of the finger. Then, pull the ring off.

See how to remove a stuck ring here: 

When All Else Fails, See a Doctor

Don’t wait until it’s too late before you seek medical help. If you notice intense swelling, discoloration, and numbness in the finger, see a doctor! The ring may need to be cut off with a ring cutter

Hands Off

It’s better to not get a ring stuck on your finger than to have to remove a stuck ring. Avoid trying on rings that you know are too small for your finger. If you are anticipating hand swelling, like during pregnancy, remove your rings before they become a hazard to your hand. Taking precautions will help you prevent injuring yourself with a stuck ring.