How to Make a Bracelet with Strings and Hexagonal Nuts

Bracelets don’t have to be expensive gold, silver, or even platinum. If you make one yourself, using strings and hexagonal nuts, not only will you save potentially hundreds of dollars but you’ll also have a stylish, individualized piece of jewelry certain to catch the eye.

All Jewelry Blurs Together

After a long enough time searching for the best jewelry to wear or give as a gift, it all starts to blur together. Sure, the more experience you get shopping for jewelry, the more you can tell each item apart, but can you remember the last hundred items? The last twenty?

If you make yours yourself, you might be able to answer that question positively!

Handmade Jewelry

First, you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of high-tensile twine (three pieces, each cut into one-yard lengths) and as many hexagonal nuts as you want, preferably all identical and equal in size.

Next, begin the process by tying the three strands into a knot, taking special care to ensure that they remain parallel and don’t get tangled coming out of the knot.

The third step is the longest: begin braiding the twine together, weaving each strand through the hex nuts as you go. The nuts should overlap diagonally with one another as shown here.

At the end, just tie another knot the same as in the beginning and enjoy!


Hopefully now you can see that braided hex-nut bracelets really can look as beautiful as professional jewelry while also bringing a homey, metallic aesthetic to bear. Oh, and of course, you get to say that you made it yourself! Who can say the same for their jewelry?