How to Skim Coat Your Driveway

First off, what’s a skim coat? A skim coat is a fine layer of concrete, usually between 1/16th and 1/8th of an inch, layered on top of another layer of older chipped and cracking concrete. It helps maintain a well-kept and regulated exterior. 

Improved Durability and Safety

It’s easy to trip on an exposed crack in the driveway while carrying groceries or to kick up a few chipped pieces of concrete while edge-trimming near your driveway. In either case, the consequences can sometimes result in hospital visits.

However, if you skim coat your driveway once every several years, you can turn those hefty hospital bills into cheap and affordable concrete.

Even Beginners Can Skim-Coat

The actual process of skim-coating, while labor-intensive, isn’t incredibly complicated. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, skim coats are well within your grasp.

Applying a skim coat takes multiple layers. If you only do one coat, you’ll likely end up with an awkward finish in most places and not much of anything else in a few others. The first coat should have slightly more water in the mix.

The second coat should have slightly less water in the mix. Typically this is the coat in which the colors are mixed in to match your driveway’s exterior. 

Once you’ve finished applying both coats, go in with a squeegee and a trowel and make sure the driveway is as smooth and level as possible.


Skim coats are something that almost anybody can do. Whether you’re partially disabled and looking for an easier way to fix up your driveway or you’re just looking for an interesting project to undertake in your downtime, skim-coating your driveway can be just the thing you need.