How to Stop Your Pets from Attacking Your Plants

Pets and houseplants don’t mix. This is something that every pet owner with houseplants has learned the hard way. Dogs tend to knock the plants over while observing them, and cats tend to just destroy them – clawing at the leaves and digging the dirt out. You’ve moved the plants out of reach. You’ve tried spraying repellent sprays.

You’ve Googled and tried every single preventative measure that you can find, but you come home from work every day to overturned and dug out houseplants – and guilty looking pets. Quitting is not in the cards for you, though, because this incredibly obscure and random life hack will keep your pets away from your plants for good!

All You Need is Toothpicks

If your pets won’t stop wandering near your plants, then make your plants unpleasant or threatening to your pets. Grab a box of toothpicks. Go to each plant and insert a bunch of toothpicks into the soil, leaving about half of the toothpick sticking up

This will create a barrier of toothpicks between the plant and your pet – discouraging your pet from touching the plant because it doesn’t know what the toothpicks are. You can also use other sharp (but not truly dangerous) items like plastic forks and coffee straws. Another deterrent to place on the soil is small, blown up balloons that can burst when clawed to scare the animal away.

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You’ve Outsmarted Your Pet

This is a rather simple and smart way to deter your pets from your plants. Remember that it may not work for every pet. Some pets are insanely brave – especially cats. However, another tip to keep cats out of your plants, specifically, is to keep their litter boxes clean!