How to Survive a Tornado

Tornadoes are terrifying storms that can form within seconds and annihilate entire towns in a minute’s time. They are powerful windstorms that require careful attention. Tornado preparedness is extremely important, especially in places where tornadoes occur frequently.

Know the Difference

Knowing the difference between a tornado watch and a tornado warning is very important. Tornado watches mean that there are weather conditions that are favorable for a tornado to form; a tornado warning means that there is a tornado that has been seen on the ground or detected by weather radar. In short, a watch means to be prepared and a warning means to take shelter.

Look to the Skies

Sometimes, the sky can warn you of an impending tornado. If the sky is tinted green, there is a high change of a tornado forming. Other warning signs in the sky include dark, low clouds, loud roars, and large hail. 

During an Active Tornado Warning

If a tornado has been spotted, you must take immediate shelter. Here are some tips for tornado warnings.

  • Go to center rooms in your house that does not have windows.
  • Go to the basement.
  • Go to a storm shelter.
  • Add protection for your body with tables, blankets, or mattresses.
  • Protect your head.
  • Do not stay inside of a mobile home.

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Practice Tornado Preparedness

Most tornado deaths happen because people are not prepared to deal with a tornado. Having an active plan in your home to deal with a tornado can potentially save you and your family. Put together survival kits with things like food, water, radios, batteries, and flashlights. Have a plan of where you will go in the event of a tornado, and keep your survival kit stocked and in that place.

Wait it Out

These steps and personal tornado preparedness can help protect you in the case of a tornado. When a tornado happens, all you can do is to take shelter and wait until the tornado is over. Fortunately, tornadoes do not usually last very long and they move fast.