How to Survive Always Losing Your Keys

In this busy world, one thing that is often lost is one of your most important possessions – your keys. You weave through work and personal life all day, and those pesky keys always manage to get lost – turning up in crazy places like the freezer and the dog bed. If you find yourself losing your keys often, you should probably look into ways that will help you keep track of your keys!

Give Them a Home

One of the most effective ways to remember your keys is to put them in the same spot every single time you walk into your home – like a bowl on a counter or a hook on the wall. Never stray from this routine, and your keys will always be where they are supposed to be!

Talk to Yourself

If you have to sit your keys in an area you don’t commonly sit them, state what you are doing out loud to yourself. Saying, “I sat my keys on my computer desk,” will give your brain another way to remember sitting your keys on your computer desk than just the action of doing so.

Use an Obnoxiously Large Keychain

This quite funny way of keeping track of your keys is actually kind of genius. Invest in a large keychain so your keys don’t remain so small and out of sight. However, if you purchase a big keychain, make sure it is on the lighter side, so you don’t mess up your ignition.

Turn to Technology

If all else fails, buy a bluetooth tracker for your keys. You can sync the tracker to your phone and find your keys easily no matter how well they are hiding. You do have to make sure you keep track of your phone for this to work, as well.

See some key trackers here: 

The Key to Remember

These are all great ways to remember where you have placed your keys. It is important to remember, though, that if your keys are permanently lost, you should consider changing the locks to your home to keep you safe. Luckily, in most cases, your keys turn up eventually.