How to Survive Being Tied Up

Most of us have a fear of being bound in a way that prevents us from escaping. There are some ways to prevent yourself from being trapped by being tied up.

Tips for Being Tied Up

If you are in a situation where you know you are going to be tied up with rope or some other material, there are some tips available to help make sure you are not rendered helpless.

  • Position your body in such a way that you cannot be tied too tightly. For instance, you can position your hands holding both knuckles together and pull them close to your chest to create a gap between your wrists, and it will still look like you are cooperating.
  • Make exaggerated sounds as if you are being hurt. Some captors will not tie their knots as tight if they think they are hurting you more than necessary.
  • Tense all of your muscles while you’re being tied up. This will cause slack to appear in the rope when you relax your body.
  • Attempt to free your hands first. Freeing your hands will allow you to free the rest of your body faster. If you cannot free your hands, remove your shoes and try to free your feet first.
  • If you are being bound with something that is easily cut, like duct tape, find a sharp corner and saw through the tape.

See a Navy Seal show how to escape being tied up here: 

Work Quickly, Quietly, and Diligently

If you are being tied up, chances are you are in a compromising position. Because of the danger you are in, it is crucial to work quickly, quietly, and diligently. Do not bring more attention to yourself than necessary. Pretending to cooperate can also improve your chances of being left alone and able to break out of your binds faster. As in any situation that requires intense focus and concentration, make sure to take deep breaths and remain calm.