How to Trim Shrubs with the Hedge Trimmer

One of the most satisfying things to do in life is to relax by the street, looking back at the beautiful landscaping job that you’ve done in your yard; but how are you supposed to feel when your bushes are all lumpy and lopsided?

This guide will help you learn exactly how to make the best shrubs you can make.

Misshapen and Unkempt Shrubs

Shrubs do not grow uniformly. Rather, they grow more on whichever side gets the most sun. This means that certain parts of your shrubs are going to constantly be twisting and contorting into undesirable shapes and non-uniform sizes.

By using a hedge trimmer, you can correct these problems as well as sculpt the shrubs to match your preferred aesthetic.

Hedge Trimming with the Hedge Trimmer

Whenever using a hedge trimmer to trim hedges, make sure to wear safety gloves and safety glasses. This will prevent unwanted harm to the hands or eyes.

The first step is to begin at the bottom of the shrub and work your way upward. This gives the appearance of a natural, uniform growth structure to the shrub. 

Once that’s done, trim from the outside in, focusing around the top. This will leave the bottom of the bush with a nice, full look while the top is carved into a rounded, button-like aesthetic.

Depending on the bush, there might be other steps along the way, either before or after these. This is just the general two-step strategy used in most landscaping.


With this general knowledge at your disposal, your bushes are already one step closer to greatness. Applying these techniques to your lawn just might give you that competitive advantage over your neighbors that you’ve been searching for.