How to Use Legos to Teach Fractions

Fractions are one of the hardest math concepts that children have to learn, and Legos are one of the most common children’s toys. So, what if you were told that you could use those Legos lying around your house to help your child learn fractions? 

Legos as a Math Tutor

Legos are easily used to teach the concept of fractions because most Legos are fractions of larger Legos. Gather the Legos around your home and look at them closely. You’ll see how the dots on them guide you in noticing how they are split apart. 

There are a few ways to use Legos to teach fractions:

  • Grab a container of Legos and help your child sort them by size. Once they are all sorted by size, compare the different sizes to each other. Talk about how they are halved or quartered. Talk about how some are two times and three times the size of others. This introduces the concept of splitting shapes into even parts.
  • Have your child use different colored Legos to represent all of the parts of a larger Lego. For instance, a large blue Lego can be placed next to two smaller Legos – one red and one yellow. You can show your child how the two smaller pieces are combined to make the larger piece. Once your child can split the larger pieces into even smaller pieces, you can reverse the lesson and have him or her find larger pieces that match combinations of smaller pieces.
  • Teach your child to add and subtract fractions with Legos by writing down the addition and subtraction problems on paper and having your child translate them into Lego pieces. Your child can then figure the problem out by reorganizing the Legos according to the problem.

See Legos teaching fractions here:

Math Can Actually Be Fun!

Using Legos to help your child learn fractions can make the subject fun and keep him or her engaged for easier comprehension of the concept. Fractions are not the only math concept that can be taught with Legos, either. So, if your child outgrows his or her Legos, don’t throw them out! Save them to use as a cheap tutor!