How to Choose the Right Shrubbery for Your Garden

Everybody has seen this image before: a beautiful garden, a nice yard with nice bushes, maybe a couple of trees, but the driveway and the curb have been totally destroyed by roots. These people did not buy the shrubbery for their yards or gardens.

Avoid Damages to the Foundation

Taller trees and bushes have longer roots. That’s just a fact of biology. By following the advice in this guide, you’ll no longer be limited in what you can or can’t do with your garden, because you’ll know how to make your vision manifest without damaging the property value.

This is More of an Art than a Science

Choosing the right shrubbery for your garden falls more into the realm of exterior design than to landscaping, meaning there is a lot of personal preference mucking up any discussion on the dos and don’ts. However, there are still a good number of objective qualities to the art.

First, don’t plant large bushes near foundations such as that of the house or the driveway. This can cause increases in moisture in the foundation, cracks as roots push through the concrete or asphalt, and increased presence of bugs such as termites.

Second, make sure not to overplant one season’s shrubbery. By planting an equal amount of shrubs that shine in each of the four seasons, you’ll have a more ornamental and embellished yard year-round rather than having a massively overgrown front porch in Summer with a dead and barren desert in Winter.


There are, of course, countless more tips on how to choose the right shrubbery to make your garden (and your yard) stand out in a positive way, but size and season are the two biggest items to take into consideration.