How to Survive When You Are Attacked By a Bear

Attacked By a Bear

Bears are some of the most formidable enemies that you could encounter on any ordinary forest excursion. Running doesn’t work. Climbing doesn’t work.

What other options are there? We’ll give you two that are certain to increase your chances of survival.

“Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!”

In the wilderness, animals have the home field advantage. They know the area, they know their prey, and they have something to protect (their families and territory). By memorizing the following few tips and tricks, you’ll know how to survive when attacked by a bear.

Survival Strategies for Bear Attacks

If a bear has fixed its eyes on you and is stancing to attack, you only have a few seconds to choose a plan of defense, or else you’re done for. In that split second, remember these tips.

Use Bear Mace

Bear mace is a form of pepper spray designed to remove a bear’s will to fight and send them running off. Using bear mace to survive bear attacks is almost always effective, sometimes more so than a firearm, with the only major downside being that you risk hitting yourself as well.

Still, pepper spray is certainly preferable to a bear claw.

Play Dead

With the immense strength and speed at a grizzly bear’s disposal, you will not outrun or out fight it. Fortunately, most of the time, they don’t want to kill you. They want to stop you from threatening them, and that means killing you.

By playing dead, you allow them to think that they have neutralized the threat without actually killing you.


Bears are terrifying. We know. But if you make sure to always carry bear mace with you and play dead as a last resort, you’ll be much more likely to survive a bear attack.