How to Make a Christmas Tree on Your Wall

Deck the halls! Decorating for Christmas is one of the most joyful things that you can do, but what happens when you don’t have the space for a Christmas tree? There’s a simple solution, and everyone with a house has the space to create this centerpiece of the holiday season.

You can use wall space to create a flat Christmas tree that will give you all of the same holiday spirit as a traditional Christmas tree.

Holiday Wall Space

The first step to make a Christmas Tree on your wall is to find a place that works best. You want a wide, open wall space that’s near the center of your home but isn’t directly in the line of foot traffic. Try to find a spot that’s not interrupted by things like heating vents or other obstructions. 

Before you begin, remove any pictures or other things that might be hanging on your wall. Be sure to create a space at the bottom of your Christmas tree where the family can gather as well. 

Let Your Creativity Sparkle

Mark out the shape of your Christmas tree using painter’s tape. This will come off the wall easily but will give you a framework to create in. Using adhesive hooks, run green tinsel (or whatever color you like) back and forth across the space that you marked out. This will give you the shape of the tree. 

Once you have the tinsel arranged, now it’s time for lights. Run your Christmas lights back and forth, hanging them on the same removable adhesive hooks that you hung your tinsel on. Next, hang baubles and ornaments from your tinsel and your sparkle lights. Be sure to top it off with a star at the top!

Don’t let your lack of space for a traditional Christmas tree keep you from enjoying the holiday season! Create a beautiful display of Christmas magic on your wall, and you really will feel like you’ve decked the halls in the most fun and magical way. You’ll be ready for Santa too!