How to Use Stale Bread

Stale bread doesn’t have to instantly be thrown out. There are plenty of uses for stale bread that are really easy to make and taste fantastic! So, if you just had a get-together and have a ton of bread left over, don’t try to eat it all before it goes bad. Use stale bread to make some of the following recipes.

The Yeast You Can Do

There are a number of recipes that call for bread that you can use stale bread in, and there are other recipes that work better with stale bread. 

  • Make homemade stuffing. This is probably an obvious one, but stuffing mixes bread with bunches of other flavors and results in a delicious and filling dish.
  • Make croutons. Croutons are literally just baked stale bread. Making your own means you can make them taste however you want to. You’ll probably never go back to store-bought croutons.
  • Make bread pudding. There are different kinds of bread pudding – like cinnamon or peach. All of them are best when made with stale bread.
  • Make a french toast bake. Because of all the moistening ingredients, it doesn’t matter if the bread is a bit stale.
  • Make oversized breadcrumbs. These breadcrumbs which are smaller than croutons but larger than crumbs, make excellent toppings for baked pasta dishes.
  • Use stale bread to top soups. Stale bread works as a great soup topping because the liquid softens it but it is firm enough to not turn your soup to mush.

See 5 ways to use stale bread here:

No Use Crying Over Stale Bread

With this many options for stale bread, you won’t throw your bread away ever again! Please be aware that stale bread is completely different from bread that has gone bad. If there is mold on your bread, it has to be thrown away.