How to Survive Without Food and Water

surviving without food

It’s a little known fact that humans can survive up to three weeks without food, but they can only last 3 to 4 days without water. Some would think that food would be the most important to our bodies because it gives it the energy it needs to function. However, water is more crucial. No matter which one is more important, both are needed for survival.

Finding Water Sources

Since water is the more urgent need, it’s wise to secure a water source before searching for food. Be aware that sweating makes your body lose fluids, so conserve all the fluids you can by limiting physical activity during your search.

  • Find a nearby stream, river, or lake. The water may not be the freshest or best-tasting, but it will suffice for your needs. One way to find small, hidden bodies of water is to follow trails of animal tracks.
  • Find snow or ice. Melt the snow and ice before drinking it as a liquid because really cold liquids can increase the chances of dehydration.
  • Find a banana tree. If you are in the jungle, you can use a knife to cut into a banana tree and make it “your personal water fountain.”
  • Find a cactus. In the desert, you can cut the pulp out of a cactus to squeeze the liquid into your mouth or you can suck on the pulp to get the moisture, but do not eat it. Additionally, you can search downhill to look for areas holding water.

See how to find water in the wild here: 

Preventing Starvation

How long you can survive without food depends highly on your water intake. Therefore, if you are without water, you have significantly less time to survive without food. In addition, other factors like body composition, metabolic rate, and activity levels will affect the amount of time that your body can survive without food.

Keep in mind that you do not need a 3-course meal to survive. You can find sustenance with different plants and berries. You can also eat bugs! Bugs like grasshoppers, earthworms, ants, dragonflies, and scorpions can actually help you survive when you cannot find any other food.

Hydration Above All

All in all, when you find yourself without food and water, remember to focus on finding water first. This will increase your chances of survival by extending the time you can go without food and giving you the energy needed to find things that you can eat.