How to Use Skewers to Eat Corn on the Cob

Corn on the cob is unquestionably delicious, but it is so completely messy (if it’s fixed correctly – with loads of butter!). Still, the messiness of corn on the cob doesn’t stop you from cooking it at every barbeque, crawfish boil, and get-together you host or attend. You also fit it into supper at night every chance you get. But there’s got to be a cleaner way to eat cob corn, right? Prepared to have your corn-on-the-cob-loving mind blown – because there definitely is a way!

Grab the Skewers, Honey!

There are some “cleaner” ways to eat corn on the cob – like cutting it in smaller halves or thirds, putting corn holders or toothpicks into the ends to hold it, or cutting the corn kernels off the cob with a knife. However, all of these methods of eating the corn make a mess. Simply biting into the kernels while they’re on the cob sends butter and juices down your chin, neck, and chest and sends juice flying into someone’s eye. So, these methods won’t do.

But you have been saved by a random man on the internet!

A video of a man eating corn on the cob completely mess-free with a skewer has gone viral – and you’re about to learn how to do it yourself! To experience mess-free corn on the cob with a skewer, follow these steps.

  • Place your corn on the cob flat on your plate, whichever it easier. Use a napkin to hold it to keep clean fingers if you’d like to.
  • Take your skewer and line it up with the sharp tip right at the outside edge of a row of corn kernels.
  • Push the skewer through the entire row, making sure to go through each kernel.
  • Pull the skewer up, bringing the corn straight to your mouth with no mess!

See the ACTUAL viral video of skewer-eating corn here:

Mind = Blown.

Eat Your Corn Cleanly

You no longer need a shower after eating corn on the cob, and the world is a brighter place. Don’t keep this amazing tip to yourself, though. Spread this tip everywhere!